Main Line Fly-Tyers

Philadelphia's Oldest Fly Tying Club

Established 1971

The Main Line Fly-Tyers Forum is available for members and visitors to share information relative to the club, fly tying and fly fishing.

The forum is unmoderated so please conduct yourself with the same etiquette you show on-stream. Thank you.

Main Line Fly-Tyers Social Forum

Nov 4, 2019 Update: Online Registration Disabled

It was brought to our attention that much SPAM was being created by bogus users. We've attempted to delete all these messages as well as delete the users who were posting them.

Unfortunately this forum s/w does not provide a method to allow someone to request a userid that needs 'approval' before posting.

To avoid more bogus users and SPAM posts registering on-line for a userid has been disabled.

If you want to join the forum contact us by email at:

mlft @, (remove spaces when using this mailing address)

Tell the forum administrator if you are a club member or not. If you are not a club member please provide a bit of your background with respect to fly fishing and fly tying.

You will be contacted by one of the forum adminstrators via email to review your request.

The club is not trying to be snobbish, we are just trying to protect ourselves from spammers and other intrusive use of the forums.