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2022 - 2023 Meeting Schedule and Speakers

Dec 15, 2022: Annual Auction & Christmass Party

Feb 17, 2022

John Shaner presents:  Catskill Classics, The Beaverkill and Willowemoc

John Shaner has been an avid angler for as long as he can remember catching his first trout on a self-tied fly in 1965. He grew up on the shores of Skaneateles Lake in the Finger Lakes region of New York State and was fishing the Catskill Rivers as soon as he could drive.

The gift of a fly-tying kit when he was 8 set him on the road to becoming an avid fly tier. Although primarily self-taught, he has studied many different fly dressing techniques and have been privileged to have sat at the elbow of many famous fly tiers.

While I dress many different fly styles to suit the rivers he fishes, he especially enjoys reproducing and using traditional trout patterns. Following his passion for Catskill style dry flies came a focus on British wet flies in the past 25 years. His profound interest in “Spiders”, (Americans call them “Soft Hackles”) has resulted in his tying and fishing these simple, elegant, and deadly flies, a topic on which he has presented over the years at national and international fly fishing and tying shows. While he enjoys experimentation with new patterns, he identifies as a bit of a traditionalist in his use of materials and seldom incorporate synthetics into his flies, preferring to use natural silk, fur, and feathers.

Over the years he has fished for trout across the US from Maine to Oregon, Michigan to New Mexico, and has made several trips to England to fish the famous Chalk Streams and other rivers. He holds a special love for Montana John Shaner has been an avid angler for as long as he can remember catching his first trout on a self-tied fly in 1965. He grew up on the shores of Skaneateles Lake in the Finger Lakes region of New York State and was fishing the Catskill Rivers as soon as he could drive.

The Main Line Fly-Tyers are pleased to announce that live meetings have resumed at the Greater Plymouth Community Center for the 2022-2023 season.

Special Notice.  Due to the Covid situation the Plymouth Center is closing at 9 Pm. Until further notice our meeting times will be 6:30 pm to 9 pm.

We will also be live streaming the meetings (for paid members only) for those still uncomfortable to be in large pulic situations. Be sure to pay your dues to recieve the online meeting invitations.

Pay your dues on-line: Join the MLFT Club

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Mar 17, 2022

Tim Flagler -Fishing After Dark

We are extremely pleased to announce the return of the great Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions!You know Tim from his many online tying videos.  Some of the best in the industry! Tim will be providing us a presentation on fishing after dark. At certain times of the year, fishing after the sun goes down can be spectacular and the chances of hooking into a monster are better than any other part of the day.

Fishing in the dark does take some getting used to, but with a few tricks, some basic equipment, and minor modifications to technique, it can be an absolute blast. The presentation will include a wealth of video shot recently and over the last couple of years and yes, it includes plenty of big fish.

John Shaner

Apr 21, 2022

Rick Kustich - Muskies on the Fly

Muskies?   Big, Ugly and mean. Muskies are what is known as an apex predator.  That means that they are on the top of the food chain and fear nothing.   Very exciting to fish for, but are there any around here?  The surprising answer is yes.   The Pa. fish commission has been stocking Pa.  rivers and  lakes with Muskies  for years and it appears they do quite well.  Several lakes in our area have good Muskie populations and I have heard from several sources that there are many good size muskies in the Schuykill River.  Want a break from trout?  Rick Kustich will be here to explain how to catch Muskies.

Rick Kustich is a fly-fishing writer, instructor and guide.  He is author of Hunting Musky with a  Fly and Advanced fly fishing for Great Lakes Steelhead.  Rick's work has appeared in numerous national and regional publications. He has also spent time as a fly shope owner and fly-fishing book publisher

Rick began fly -fishing nearly fifty years ago on the lakes and streams of uptate New York.  He has since traveled extensively to experience the finest fly-fishing throughout North America, but continues to find some of the best fishing often exists in your own backyard.

Tim Flager

May 19, 2022

Ed Jaworowski - Analyze your Casts ... Fix your Problems.

Join us for the special opportunity to hear a presentation by Ed Jaworowski on the application and principles of fly casting.  He is not only a legend in fly fishing, but also an original founding member and past President of Main Line Fly-Tyers.  Ed is one of the finest fly-casters in the world and a pioneer in salt-water fly fishing.  Ed's first book on fly casting, The Cast: Theories and Applications for more effective techniques, was published in 1992 and has become a classic in the field.

His latest book, "Perfecting the Cast: Adapting Casting Principles for Any Fly-Fishing Situation", just published last year!  Ed will discuss the principles of fly casting he has mastered and how these can be applied the many casting challenges we face on the water.

He will give an in-depth analysis of casting and teaching casting. His presentation explores the fundamentals of casting, examining the mechanical principles that determine all casts, as opposed to traditional, selective rules. Not a different way of casting, but a different way of thinking about casting. This comprehensive program teaches anglers how to identify and correct their problems, based on four simple principles. Using graphics, still photos, and video clips, this talk challenges anglers to question time-honored ideas about casting strokes, rod loading, loop control, distance, roll casting, slack line casts, curve casting, and much more. New approaches to analyzing the double haul, and correcting problems such as shock waves and tailing loops.

Rick Kustich

Jun 16, 2022

Tim Cammisa - Articulated Streamer Fly Tying Demonstration

Tim Cammisa of “Trout and Feather” has been addicted to fly fishing and fly tying for about as long as anyone can remember. Although he and his wife Heather live in western Pennsylvania, fly fishing has taken him all over the country, with his fly fishing "home base" being the State College area. Some of Tim's favorite waters include the mighty Delaware (where he has guided) and Missouri Rivers; though discovering small streams with wild trout continues to excite him; his five-year old son Angelo especially likes this, as he has also caught the fly fishing "bug."

From years guiding on the Delaware River to fooling technical fish on the Missouri River, Tim has spent years chasing trout all around the world! He is one of the new generations of fly fishers who have taken to social media to promote and teach the sport, starring in over 300 YouTube videos with four million video views. In 2021, he released a book on fly tying: Fly Tying for Everyone. You can view Tim’s fly tying and fly fishing videos on his website: Trout and Feather

His tying demonstration:

Articulated Streamers: Be ready to catch larger trout today!

Tim will show us his techniques utilized in tying articulated streamers, a type of pattern that is known for producing some of the largest fish on the water. This style of tying can appear difficult to learn, but Tim breaks the fly design and steps down into easy-to-digest information, while giving a better understanding of today’s materials to use when tying effective streamers. Time will also be spent discussing rigging and fishing articulated streamers, and when this demo is finished, you’ll immediately want to find some water to catch those larger fish

Ed Jaworowski
Tim Cammisa

He is a collector of classic fly tackle and angling books. His interest in tackle reflects his pursuit of free-rising trout and a love for fishing wet flies near the surface. His angling library is primarily focused on books detailing the development of trout flies and tying techniques but branches into many other aspects of fly fishing as well, especially the history and literature of the sport.

John has been in the fly-fishing business since 1985 and has managed fly shops, guided, and worked as a sales representative for The Orvis Co. and Cortland Line. From 2008 until 2021 was associated with Hardy of Alnwick, England.

Now retired, he devotes his time to fishing, travel, and his book and tackle collections.

He is a member of The Anglers' Club of New York, The Fly Fishers' Club of London, The Theodore Gordon Fly Fishers, The Fly Fishers' Club of Harrisburg, and the IFFF. He serves as a Trustee of the Catskill Fly Fishing Center & Museum.

He now resides in Deposit, NY in the Western Catskills, just 2 minutes from one of his favorite pools on the West Branch of the Delaware.