Main Line Fly-Tyers

Philadelphia's Oldest Fly Tying Club

Established 1971

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

The MLFT club offers classes for beginning through advanced fly tyers and fly fishers. Classes are held twice a year. There is a fall session starting in October and the winter session starts in January.  The tying class has multiple instructors available and ready to teach and coach beginner/novice, intermediate and advanced tyers.


If you're interested in fly-fishing and fly-tying, this is the course you've been waiting for. Don't wait; be ready for opening day. Learn how to create wet flies, dry flies, nymphs, streamers, and bass bugs. Suggestions for tools and materials will be given at the first class. Advanced instruction will also be available for experienced tyers wishing to advance their fly-tying skills. There is one instructor for each goup of beginner intermediate and advanced tyers during the class.

Introduction to Fly Fishing - instructor Sam Vigorita

This class is geared to beginners and novice fly fishers. The class will cover the selection and rigging of gear and the basics of wet fly, dry fly and nymph fishing.

Tactics & Stratigies Class - instructor Sam Vigorita

Improve your skills and catch more fish! Learn how to "read" the waters of a trout stream. Find out where fish live, how to approach them, and how to catch them. Know what they feed on and learn the types of flies to use at different times of the year. Become a better fisherman and reduce your chances of coming up empty. The instructor is one of the area's most successful trout anglers and has logged literally thousands of hours fishing and instructing on East Coast trout and salmon waters. Instructor: Sam Vigorita

Dry Flys

Advanced tyers class specifically targeted to Sam Vigorita's very own dry fly patterns and techniques that are featured in his book, Fly Patterns - An Edge Above the Rest.  These patterns were developed from years of fishing the Upper Delaware River. If you're looking for that 'edge' to be successful when fishing the Upper D, sign up for this class.

Dry Fly Tactics - Upper Delaware

Dry's and Why - instructor Sam Vigorita

For years everyone is always asking why is Sam catching more fish and bigger fish then everyone else, even when we use the same fly.  Why ?  This is what Sam has to say:

I have been working on this for the past couple seasons and will now put on this new class to answer all the why's.

You might also ask why has no one else ever put on such a class. Well as far as I can tell from talking to many of the so call pro's, they just do not understand the feeding habits of these particular fish. I will show where, when and how to fish Dry fly's on the Upper Delaware and how to present them.

Learn what patterns to use and how to tie them.  Leader set up and most important the Proper Presentation and how to achieve it. Find out why these fish feed differently then any other Trout in other streams and what needs to be done to entice them to your fly.

You will also be shown how, where and why they feed the way they do. We will take an in depth view into the feeding window of an Upper Delaware Trout. Including drawings, slides and photos of how, where and when they feed.

With 35 years of fishing this wonderful river and a book over flowing with 20” plus trout photos I can honestly say I have learned a few things on how these fantastic fish live, feed and think.  This will be an in depth look into everything you want and need to know to increase your success rate on the  “ UPPER D ”.

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