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                    General Meetings for the 2005 - 2006 Season

                    Sep. 15, 2005

Do not miss this awesome video presentation by Ozzie Ozefovich. If you saw Ozzie's underwater video last time he was here, you'll surely want to see this one too. And if you didn't see his last showing, make sure you attend the opening meeting for this presentation.  Check out :


Trout Vision and Refraction

Every angler knows the frustration of lining a fish.  After finding that big fish actively feeding, we make a cast where we think it should be, and -- quick as a flash -- it’s gone.  What you forgot about was the law of refraction.  That fish wasn’t quite where you thought it would be.  You thought it was six inches below the surface.  But how deep was it, - one foot, two feet, - or was it deeper?How large was it’s “circle of vision”, and does it matter? 

Sound confusing, well it’s surprisingly easy once you understand what is happening.  Refraction has an impact on how we view a trout and its world, and conversely how a trout views us and our world. 

  Do trout really have blind spots?  How low must you be before they are aware of your presence? Does it matter what you wear and how you move?  You’d be surprised at the little things that will put a trout down.   We’ll watch through a trout’s eyes how mayflies and tricos float into the trout’s window - and see what the trout sees first.  We’ll see that “imprint”, and the “sparkle” that you only read about.  Most important of all, we will also see that “magnification of the fly” that takes place as the fly enters the trout’s window – something you may have never read about.   Why are comparaduns and parachute flies so effective - does the reflected double image of a streamer, a wet fly, or an emerger cause a trout to miss?  How well can trout see both above and beneath the surface?   


                    Oct. 19, 2005


The meeting is the 3rd Wednesday, (not Thursday) Oct. 19th.

The guest speaker will be Chuck Furimsky, the originator of Bugskin and Fishskin. Chuck's show is titled "Pass the Salt Please". The show is geared toward freshwater fly fishers making the transition to salt water fishing. The show is in time for those interested in trying fall striper runs along the New Jersey shore.


Chuck will be doing the show and a tying demonstation. He will also have his Bugskin & Fishskin available for purchase.


Nov. 17, 2005     The Speaker for November is Don Douple.

                    Dec. 15, 2005    Christmas Party Meeting, including our 1st annual members auction. (cancelled due to snow)

                    Jan. 19, 2006     Club Auction  (Re-Scheduled)  A great chance to get some good deals

                    Feb. 16, 2006     The speaker for the meeting is: Ray Miller, past MLFT president and Fishing Guide

                                                  Ray will talk to us about fishing the wide open spaces of Montana.



                    Mar. 16, 2006  

March Meeting

Featuring Jack Mickievicz

If you do not know the name Jack Mickievicz you must attend this meeting to meet one of the legends of fly fishing and fly-tying. And if you were one of the people Jack helped get started then be sure to make the meeting to see an old friend.


Jack started  commercial tying at the age of 12, and later opened a fly shop out side Phoenixville, PA in 1968. He developed the spring wire bobbin in 1969, Wing Burners in 1970, co-designed the Renzetti presentation vice, and introduced prepared dubbing (Jack's Nature Blend) to the fly tying market somewhere in the early 70's.

Jack has promoted many common sense improvements to tying tools such as hex handles so the tools wouldn't roll off the table. He says, "Tying tools weren't very good in those days."

He has always been an advocate for substitution of endangered and threatened species. He says, "I don't appreciate the logic in being a member of conservation organizations like TU and FFF while touting 'Limit you kill, don't kill your limit.' and at the same time insisting on Indian Crow, polar bear, and baby seal for your flies."

Jack founded the "Dame Juliana League" Fly Fishing Federation Chapter in 1971. He Wrote for Dick Surette and The Fly Tyer magazine in its early days. He is an accomplished rod maker for both Bamboo and graphite rods. Jack teaches fly tying and conducts rod-building workshops regularly.

He is currently working on a Website to help beginners with tying tips, techniques, good old common sense and some not so common sense. The sight will feature and emergence chart in the form of a database containing 40 years of notes on insets, their colors, pattern matching and pictures.


                    Apr. 20, 2006

Don Douple presents one of his original video shows on native trout.

                    May 18, 2006                                                         

The speaker this month is Chris Frangiosa. Chris is the former Fishing Manager at the Downingtown Orvis store. He is currently with the TCO shop in Bryn Marw. His show will be trout fishing expeditions in the far north.



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