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            General Meetings

                    September 16, 2004  < Sep. '04 Meeting Photo's >

                    October, 20, 2004  

                    November 18, 2004   < Nov. '04 Meeting Photo's >

Don't miss this meeting if you're interested in tying realistic flys that catch fish!. November's speaker is Steve Thornton of Lincolnshire, England. A professional advertising photographer by trade, Steve is coming to the US to fish the Catskills and we were able to book him for the Nov. meeting. More pictures of his flys are available at Global Flyfisher.


                    December 16, 2004   < Dec. '04 Meeting Photo's

                    January 20, 2005

Are you interested in learning more about our local waters. Then be at the January meeting to welcome Jerry Waterman. Jerry has spent much time doing studies and research on the Schuylkill River. His talk for the evening is titled "Ecology and Fish of the Schuylkill River". 


                    February 17, 2005

This month Don Douple will debut a new presentation he has been working on. It's so new, it doesn't have a title yet. But you can "bet your bippy" Don will have another visually impressive and information packed show for us.


                    March 17, 2005

Don Baylor presents " Fly Fishing Techniques". The techniques program presents varying approaches for varying situations, primarily on flowing water.  It contains information on the following: techniques for fishing wet flys, dry flys, streamers, and nymphs;  line control combating drag, approaches for small streams and large rivers;  playing, landing, and releasing trout; and  matching technique to insect and trout activity.


                    April, 21 , 2005

April will be our annual "in-house" meeting to prepare for the upcoming season.. This will be a multi-session event, including tying demonstrations, where to fish, how to get there, equipment, etc. 



                    May 19, 2005


            Fly Tying Classes


                    MLFT sponsored, hosted at Upper Moreland H.S.

                    Feb. 24 - Apr. 14, 2005  Fly Tying 

                    Feb. 22 - Mar. 22, 2005   Tactics and Strategies by Sam Vigorita 


            Fly Fishing Clinics & Seminars


                         Dates to be announced, please stop back again

                   mmm dd, 2005                 Don DoupleThe Sulphur Hatches

                   mmm dd, 2005                 Don Douple,  The June Hatches

                   mmm dd, 2005                 Don Douple, The Summer Terrestrials

                   mmm dd, 2005                  Don Douple,  Fishing Trico's

        *new* April 09, 2005                  MLFT Fishing Day at Resica Falls


           Club Camping Trip


                     June 4-5, 2005


            Sportsman's Shows                  

Phila. Sportsman Show @ Fort Washington, PA

January 19-23, 2005

The FlyFishing Show @ Somerset , N.J.

January 28-30, 2005

The FlyFishing Show @ Fort Washington, PA

March 12-13, 2005

The Sports Show @ Suffern, NY March 03-06, 2005

 Other Pennsylvania Shows


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